Wills in Spain

Making a Will in Spain is simple and inexpensive.

Take advantage of your right to make your Will under the law of your country or origin to avoid the rules of the Spanish Civil Code.

If when you die you own property in Spain, or have any assets situated in Spain for that matter, then in order to administer your estate and so have the assets transferred into their name(s), the beneficiary(ies) of your estate must obtain from the Registry of Last Wills a Certificate of Last Will.  That certificate will state whether you made a Will in Spain, or abroad , and, if so, when and where you made it.  If you had made a Spanish Will signed before a Spanish Notary then one of the beneficiaries will be able to obtain a certified copy of that Will.  As it will have been drafted in Spanish (perhaps in double column, English and Spanish) and will take into consideration that it is to be read and understood by the Spanish authorities, it will be absolutely clear what your intentions were when you made it.  Furthermore, there is no chance of it being lost, or destroyed.  Our fees to do it is 145€ including the Notary Public fees.