All property owners in Spain are liable for some taxes every year. Even if you are (tax) non-resident, when owning a property, you must fulfill your fiscal obligations here in Spain by submitting your yearly income tax declaration for non-residents (IRNR). . Be aware of tax year in Spain ends by the 31st of December, so that your income tax declaration should be submitted to Tax Authorities before this date, by filling out the application form number 210. The calculation of the IRNR will depend on several factors, among others, the type of property (urban or rustic), when the rated value of the property for tax purposes was raised, price or valuation of the property, etc. If you are in this situation and you still have not submitted your Property owners’ imputed income tax, you have one month approx. to be up-to-date with Tax Authorities.

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The nota simple should show the registered owners of the roperty, present classification of the land, any charges, mortgages, rights of way, taxes or embargoes

Wills in Spain

Making a Will in Spain is simple and inexpensive. Take advantage of your right to make your Will under the law of your country or