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Wills in Spain

If you own property or other assets in Spain, it is sensible to make a Spanish Will so that you can be absolutely certain who will inherit your assets upon your death. It does not matter whether you are Non-Resident or Resident, it is important to have a separate Will. This is a Will prepared and registered in Spain, covering just your assets in Spain.

Why do you need a Spanish Will?

You need one be­cause it makes the Spanish probate process much easier and simpler for your inheritors.

It also will cost them less money deal­ing with your pro­bate.

They are simple to ar­range and you only need to be in Spain to visit a Notary with us. We can only help with Wills in Spain in the Costa del Sol area as we need to go to the Not­ary with you. Contact us to make a FREE INITIAL ap­point­ment.

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